can take your business anywhere're looking for a freelance B2B copywriter

That's reassuring, because it means you're in the right place. It also means you probably want a B2B copywriter that can help you capture more leads in a key demographic. Or boost your SEO. Or showcase your successes and turn them into more business. Perfect. Because that's how I make my living.

Why hire a freelance B2B copywriter? 

I love the difficult stuff. The technical detail. You have a particular set of skills - I specialise in translating and amplifying them into the messages your audience needs to hear. From manufacturing to aerospace, technology to oil & gas, I will do the research, ask the right questions and deliver creative, engaging B2B copy that hits any objective.

I create irresistible B2B content 

I've been writing for a very long time, both as a journalist and a marketer, and my clients range from multinational corporations to digital agencies and SMEs. I write B2B content for websites, blogs, adverts, editorial and social media. In short: I know how to turn my words into better numbers for your business.

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website copywritingWebsite Copywriting

Websites | SEO Copy | Landing Pages | Adwords | Product Descriptions 

B2B Content MarketingB2B Content Marketing 

Blogs | Email Campaigns | Sales Letters | Testimonials | Ebooks | White Papers

PR and Social MediaPR and Social Media

Press Releases | Social Content | Features | Internal Communications

“Neil’s content always meets our tone of voice, audience needs and internal expectations. He has a knack for creative, engaging writing and can be relied on to deliver on whatever subject you throw at him. We love his work and will be putting him to good use in the future.”

Grace MacDonald

Marketing Manager – Content & Social

“Neil is a fantastic partner for the creation of well-crafted articles. When I pass a topic on to him, I know it’s in good hands. His services add considerable value to our communications.”

Brandi Schuster

Corporate Communications Manager

“Neil immediately put us at ease and was able to speak to engineers on their own terms, developing a great rapport and delivering detailed technical content to a very high standard.”

Simon Misra

Creative and Operations Director

“Neil’s web copy was snappy, it reflected our thinking and was aimed at who we wanted to capture. He didn’t need to be led by us and it only took one round of amends to achieve the final result. I would absolutely recommend him.”

Anshul Kapoor

Managing Director

I sign a lot of NDAs

If you want some examples of my work just get in touch. I'll even throw in something bespoke to your project. What have you got to lose?

Things I promise:

- A simple discussion about your objectives and deadline

- Expert advice regarding your key messages, target audience, positioning  and call to action

- A short, low-maintenance journey from first draft to final product

- You hit your objective on time and on budget