B2B Content Marketing

Capture more leads with B2B content marketing

Search engines love fresh, engaging content and your customers are already searching for solutions that you can provide. B2B content marketing is not just about lead generation, it's about increasing the SEO footprint of your website, your brand awareness and the quality of your reputation by offering something of genuine value to your customers.

What is B2B content marketing?

Put simply, good B2B content solves a problem faced by your ideal customer while nudging them along your marketing funnel. Depending on your audience and their stage in your funnel, this could come in any combination of:

  • Web content
  • Blog posts
  • Social media content
  • Email campaigns
  • PR activity
  • Ebooks
  • White papers

Use your expertise to win more customers

I will work with you to create and execute a B2B content marketing strategy, which includes interviewing the experts in your business and supplementing it with my own research to create content that:

  • Analyses and interprets industry trends for your customer
  • Breaks down complicated subjects into simple solutions
  • Explains how to address key industry opportunities/threats with your products or services
  • Improves your customer's knowledge and skill-set

Each piece of content will be designed to speak to the right customers, in the right way, at the right time, building your reputation, generating more leads and bringing more potential customers closer to that all-important purchase decision.

If you have the expertise but not enough time to prove it online, let's talk about what we can do together.

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What to expect:

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- Expert advice regarding your key messages, target audience, positioning  and call to action

- A short, low-maintenance journey from first draft to final product

- You hit your objective on time and on budget